Bridal Dress Shopping 101: How Can You Simplify Your Wedding Dress Design Journey?

The wedding dress becomes your most significant concern the minute you say yes to the ring. It may seem like a piece of clothing, but it is the tapestry of her dreams to the bride.

Professional wedding dress designers understand the emotional attachment for wedding dresses and how they are the real star for the ceremony celebrating the union of love and affirmation!

Apologies for waxing so poetic about weddings, for we are experiencing the same thing as you are; we are trying to simplify the bridal dress design journey for our beloved bride-to-be, Mariana!

A quick overview of the thousands of wedding dress designs available had left the bride weary and worried about the materials, embellishments, and trails for her dress. But our competent team at the Jana Ann Couture helped her out efficiently!

Here is how you can follow Mariana’s footsteps and simplify your own wedding dress design journey.

Step One: Find A Design(er)

The first step in designing a wedding dress is to know where to begin. You can either go the long way of defining everything and then finding a designer to create a dress that goes a dozen alterations or, you can take the road less traveled! Get a designer on board right after you know your wedding dates!

Finding a designer first will help you keep things on track. The designer can become a support and guidance source about the silhouette, structure, details, and other nooks and crannies that cover the ensemble.

Designing a customized wedding dress is an achievement not many can unlock. So if you are genuinely looking forward to having your old and new, borrowed and blue, stitched into your wedding dress, then you can book an appointment with Jana Ann herself!

The celebrated designer has helped countless brides look ethereal on the day they said ‘I do.’

Step Two: Make The Choices

Once you have a designer on board who understands your vision, you can start building a dress from scratch. You can keep your budget on the table and then start building a dress that fits right in.

If you have a destination wedding or a thematic event, either way, you can use your designer’s expertise to create a wonder!

Here are a couple of details that require attention:


Your height and body type play a critical role in the silhouette of your dress. It should try to emphasize your assets instead of highlighting any insecurity on your wedding day!


The material is decided according to the budget and design in mind. From tulle to lace, you can decide anything!

Fabric Neckline

Find a neckline that allows you to show enough skin. You can look angelic in a lace back with buttons, and your allure equals in a backless number as well!

Fine Details

The embellishments, accessories, and train on your dress come much later in the design process. You can keep altering them as you go!

Step three: Relax

It may seem unlikely, but trust us, relaxation is the key to a successful wedding dress design journey. The bride already goes through emotional roller coasters on the journey. That’s why the best a designer can do is take the stress of dress design off her shoulders. 

And that is precisely what we at Jana Ann Couture do! 

We hope Mariana’s journey must have helped you quell the nerves. Book an appointment with us today to get your wedding dress journey started! Because we know what you are looking for!