Mermaid Tales: Your Complete Guide To Carrying A Mermaid Wedding Dress!

Mermaid dresses are often called fishtail gowns due to their uncanny resemblance to fish and marine queens.

The dress is characterized by a form-fitting bodice that extends down to the derriere and ends in a dramatic flare. The glamour of mermaid dresses has made them very popular over the years.

From Kim Kardashian to Sophia Vergara, every celebrity with the coveted hourglass figure has adorned the silhouette and set an example for the rest of the world.

The trumpet skirts for these dresses work wonderfully well in emphasizing the natural curves of the bride.

The mermaid style needs a specific body type and height to look as attractive as one expects it to be.

If you are a bride-to-be planning to design a mermaid wedding dress for your big day, then here are a few things you must keep in mind before going ahead with the plan.

Why Choose A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

The mermaid dress is the perfect balance of sultry, sexy, and sophisticated charm. Brides ideally choose the flattering silhouette with broad shoulders or a heavy bosom to achieve the hourglass figure. The style is very flexible. You can choose any neckline with the silhouette or go strapless too!

Brides often choose long sleeves with a mermaid wedding dress to cover any insecurity they might have about their arms. After all, the form-fitting dress allows you to balance your body's top half with a full flaring skirt at the bottom.

Beaded organza skirts, plunging sweetheart necklines, and a flowing train are excellent additions to a mermaid dress as it allows you to look absolutely stunning without showing a lot of skin.

Things To Keep In Mind

Designers often ask brides to bring in suggestions for their first appointments. If you have picked out a few mermaid dresses, you must be aware that the model and your body type may not be the same. Any difference in height, form, or the volume of your natural curves can lead to disastrous results on your big day.

This is why we suggest our readers find an experienced bridal designer who understands the bride as something more than just a client.

Jana Ann is a celebrated wedding couture designer in the country, and her boutique offers an excellent experience to every bride that walks into the premises.

We help our brides understand their body type and suggest the most suitable silhouettes and materials for a custom gown.

Since the mermaid silhouette reduces the wearer's height, it is advised to the altitude challenged brides to look for something different. But the sheer ability to distract a bride from her insecurities and boosting her confidence is what makes Jana Ann the most-loved bridal designer in the city!


The mermaid silhouette can be worn with strappy heels and even platform heels to add a few inches to your height. A feminine shoe like peep-toes looks best with the glamourous dress. The best thing about mermaid dresses is the fact that it allows you to wear opulent pieces. 

You can go for chandelier earrings, sparking headpieces, chunky necklaces, and even diamond-encrusted cuffs with a mermaid dress. Because it has enough drama in the skirt, you can easily ditch the subtle and delicate chains or studs. 

Remember that a voluminous veil can make your wedding dress resemble the ensembles adorned by princesses!

If you plan to design your custom mermaid wedding dress with the help of a design maestro, you must book an appointment with Jana Ann right away!

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