Looking For The Perfect Wedding Theme Ideas? Here Is How You Can Design A Wedding Dress To Match!

Deciding a wedding theme is an essential milestone in your wedding planning extravaganza. It is a decision that decides every aesthetic detail in your event, from the font on the invites to the carpet's hue on the aisle. Everything falls in tandem with this choice!

But there is nothing to get daunted about! As a bride, your primary concern is to embody the event's theme through your ensemble and enjoy the day as it unfolds! But if you are still anxious about the plethora of options available, let's break down the theme in terms of wedding ensembles for you. Shall we?

How To Decide The Theme?

The wedding theme ideas today have expanded the small window of three to four options. Today, people tend to say 'I do' with Westeros' winds blowing over them or even with Nicholas Sparks-inspired bottles hanging on the arch!

The theme can be decided by answering two simple questions: what do you want for your wedding? And what does it mean to you? 

Once you answer these two questions, then romance, beach, fairy tales, or even Carrie Bradshaw and team cannot deter your choice! If you feel overwhelmed by the ideas, you can take expert advice from a trusted friend, a professional, or even come up with a combination of ideas as a couple – For the wedding must look like a union of two!

You can let your imagination run wild as you embroider your dreams on the wedding planner. From flowers that hold sentimental value for you as a couple to music that reminds you of your first date, you can customize your wedding on your terms. 

Just keep the climate and venue in check before planning any elaborate procedures like dance numbers and thematic dialogue. The goal is to create a unique experience for you both! And that's all that must matter. 

So let's have a look at a few thematic dresses to get you sorted!


If you plan a romantic wedding with an ethereal sunset in the background and John Legend crooning on stage, then this beautiful dress by Jana Ann can be used as inspiration. It has an intricately plunging neckline and alluring sleeves to complete the Hollywood look! 


Beach weddings are a lot more fun with the winds kissing your face and the sun playing with your skin! You can cherish your moments of love under the watchful gaze of Eros by the beach in this elegant beach wedding dress. It has a sweep train and plunging neck that set a high benchmark for beach wedding dresses!


Every girl dreams of her fairytale wedding at least once in her life. If you want to live the besotted dream of walking down the aisle looking like a princess, then this dress made of lace and silk is precisely what you need!


If you are a modern couple who plan to ditch the traditional route, then a bohemian wedding could be your calling! You can get a simple white dress with a tiered skirt and minimal accessories to stick to the theme!

If you have any more wedding theme ideas that you would like to incorporate in your custom wedding dress, then find us at the Jana Ann Couture! We are here for your assistance!