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“The quality of her work is impeccable; super detailed and everything is made to last… I was able to customize my dress with my price point, I still can’t believe it!”

Anne Q.

“Not only is she talented and great at what she does, she is genuinely passionate as if it was her big day and that means so much more than just anyone being able to deliver a product.” Racheal M.

Racheal M.


Everyone at this place is amazing! Angel and Jana helped my sister to find the perfect dress. They spent so much time with us, showing us options and letting us know how we could customize the dress to have the perfect fit.

From the moment we walked in, they made us feel welcome and special. This is a wonderful place with gorgeous dresses and something for every bride.

Jenn I.

How do I even begin to write this review?! All I can say is that this shop was the 5th bridal shop I went to and I wish it would have been my first as I would have put on 1 dress and said yes right away.


Her dresses are truly one of a kind and have a quality unlike any other bridal shop you will go to. In comparison to other dresses at different stores I cannot believe I ever thought any dress looked good on me. Jana Ann creates truly stunning works of art in her dresses that are one of a kind and you can tell she pours her heart and soul into each design and each bride she works with.

Kirsten R.